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Mga Matang sa Ulan

Page history last edited by Edgar S. Godin 5 years, 4 months ago

[Types of Rain]


ulan -- rain

gabon – fog

alikabo – haze

habulhabol; habuhabo – mist

alindahaw – drizzle

taligbos – drizzle with light wind

nikinik – small rain without wind

taligsik – shower

niknik – shower with sparse drops

talithi – local shower of short duration

talini – shower with sparse drops and strong wind

ulan labok-labok – intermittent rain

lubgob; lugdong – light rain but continuous

ulan binabaye – alternating strong/light rain

walo-walo – rain for 8-continuous days

siyam-siyam – rain for 9-continuous days

talubog – much rain without wind

bunok – cloudburst; downpour

lipak – thunderstorm

unos – storm

unos-sa-kalawran – (Sp. chubasco) squall

bagyo -- typhoon

buhawi – waterspout

alimpulos – whirlwind; tornado

himugdas – rain with large drops with wind

nagikmik – hail


Rain-like Effects:


talisik – sprying effect of rain splatter

salisi – spindrift of rain

amgi; ambi – spray carried inside by the wind

silib – entrance of rain thru window, hole, etc.

salibo – rain-like effect when quenching fire


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