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Mga Katalian sa Banay

Page history last edited by Edgar S. Godin 8 years, 11 months ago

[Family Relations]


apohan – grandparent

amahan – father

inahan – mother

anak – child

bana – husband

asawa – wife

uyoan – uncle

iyaan – aunt

igsoon – sibling

igsoon-nga-lalaki – brother

igsoon-nga-babaye – sister

amaon – wedding godfather

inaon – wedding godmother

maninoy – baptismal godfather

maninay – baptismal godmother

anakon – godson/daughter

igso – godson/daughter to godparent’s children

adje; adye; kompare – compadre

balai; komare – comadre

hablos – half-brother/sister

humagbos – step-child

ama-ama – stepfather

ina-ina – stepmother

bayaw-nga-lalaki – brother-in-law

bayaw-nga-babaye – sister-in-law

umagad – daughter/sister’s husband

binalaye; binaje – son/brother’s wife

ugangan – parents-in-law

ugangan-nga-lalaki – father-in-law

ugangan-nga-babaye – mother-in-law

bilas – in-law relation with their wife/husband as sisters or brothers

ig-agaw– cousin

kabanay; paryente– kinsman

kagupa – clansmen

ilo – orphan

ilo-nga-tuwapos – orphan of both parents

mulmulo – orphan and only one alive


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