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Bokabularyo sa mga numero sa Binisaya

Page history last edited by Edgar S. Godin 7 years, 8 months ago



Mao kini ang tukmang paagi ug pagtitik sa mga numero o pang-ihap sa Binisaya:


  • baynte, n & adj. (Sp. veinte) twenty * baynte uno, baynte dos – twenty one, twenty two. Syn. kawhaan
  • katorse, n & adj. (Sp. catorce) fourteen. Syn. napulog upat
  • kalim-an (kalimaan), n & adj. (Sp. cincuenta) fifty. * kalim-ag lima, kalim-ag unom – fifty five, fifty six. also (see) singkuwenta
  • kan-oman (kaunoman), n & adj. (Sp. sesenta) sixty. * kan-omag unom, kan-omag pito – sixty six, sixty seven. also (see) saysenta
  • kap-atan (kaupatan), n & adj. (Sp. cuarenta) forty . * kap-atag upat, kap-atag lima – forty four, forty five. also (see) kuwarenta
  • kapitoan, n & adj. (Sp. setenta) seventy. * kapitoag pito, kapitoag walo – seventy seven, seventy eight. also (see) setenta
  • kasiyaman, n & adj. (Sp. noventa) ninety. * kasiyamag siyam – ninety nine. also (see) nobenta
  • katloan (katuloan), n & adj. (Sp. treinta) thirty . * katloag usa, katloag duha – thirty one, thirty two. also (see) traynta
  • kawaloan, n & adj. (Sp. ochenta) eighty. * kawaloag pito, kawaloag walo – eighty seven, eighty eight. also (see) otsenta
  • kawhaan (kaluhaan), n & adj. (Sp. veinte) twenty. * kawhaag usa, kawhaag duha – twenty one, twenty two. also (see) baynte
  • kinse, n & adj. (Sp. quince) fifteen. Syn. napulog lima
  • kinyentos, n & adj. (Sp. quinientos) five hundred * kinyentos nuybe – five hundred nine. Syn. lima ka gatos
  • kuwarenta, n & adj. (Sp. cuarenta) forty * kuwarentay kuwatro – forty four. Syn. kap-atan
  • kuwatro, n & adj. (Sp. cuatro) four. Syn. upat
  • kuwatrosentos, n & adj. (Sp. cuatrocientos) four hundred * kuwatrosentos diyes – four hundred ten. Syn. upat ka gatos
  • desinuybe, n. & adj. (Sp. diecinueve) nineteen. Syn. napulog siyam
  • desiotso, n. & adj. (Sp. dieciocho) eighteen. Syn. napulog walo
  • desisayis, n. & adj. (Sp. dieciseis) sixteen. Syn. napulog unom
  • desisiyete, n. & adj. (Sp. diecisiete) seventeen. Syn. napulog pito
  • diyes, n & adj. (Sp. diez) ten. Syn. napulo
  • dos, n & adj. (Sp. dos) two. Syn. duha
  • dose, n & adj. (Sp. doce) twelve. Syn. napulog duha
  • dosentos, n & adj. (Sp. doscientos) two hundred. Syn. duha ka gatos
  • duha, n & adj. (Sp. dos) two. also (see) dos
  • gatos, n & adj. (Sp. cien) hundred. * usa ka gatos ka pesos – one hundred pesos
  • lima, n & adj. (Sp. cinco) five. also (see) singko
  • mil, n & adj. (Sp. mil) thousand * mil kinyentos – one thousand five hundred. Syn. libo
  • milyon, n. (Sp. million) million * napulog lima ka milyon or kinse milyones and/or kinse ka milyon – fifteen million
  • napulo, n & adj. (Sp. diez) ten. also (see) diyes
  • napulog duha, n & adj. (Sp. doce) twelve. also (see) dose
  • napulog lima, n & adj. (Sp. quince) fifteen. also (see) kinse
  • napulog pito, n & adj. (Sp. diecisiete) seventeen. also (see) desisiyete
  • napulog siyam, n & adj. (Sp. diecinueve) nineteen. also (see) desinuybe
  • napulog tulo, n & adj. (Sp. trece) thirteen. also (see) trese
  • napulog unom, n & adj. (Sp. dieciseis) sixteen. also (see) desisayis
  • napulog upat, n & adj. (Sp. catorce) fourteen. also (see) katorse
  • napulog usa, n & adj. (Sp. once) eleven. also (see) onse
  • napulog walo, n & adj. (Sp. dieciocho) eighteen. also (see) desiotso
  • nobenta, n & adj. (Sp. noventa) ninety * nobentay nuybe – ninety nine. Syn. kasiyaman
  • nuybe, adj. & n. (Sp. nueve) nine
  • nuybesentos, n & adj. (Sp. novecientos) nine hundred * nuybesentos kinse – nine hundred fifteen. Syn. siyam ka gatos
  • onse, n & adj. (Sp. once) eleven. Syn. napulog usa
  • otsenta, n & adj. (Sp. ochenta) eighty * otsentay otso – eighty eight. Syn. kawaloan
  • otso, n. & adj. (Sp. ocho) eight; a cardinal number seven plus one. Syn. walo
  • otsosentos, n & adj. (Sp. ochocientos) eight hundred. Syn. walo ka gatos
  • pito, n & adj. (Sp. siete) seven. also (see) siyete
  • sayis, n & adj. (Sp. seis) six. Syn. unom
  • saysenta, n & adj. (Sp. sesenta) sixty * saysentay sayis – sixty six. Syn. kan-oman
  • saysentos, n & adj. (Sp. seiscientos) six hundred. Syn. unom ka gatos
  • setenta, n & adj. (Sp. setenta) seventy * setentay siyete – seventy seven. Syn. kapitoan
  • setesentos, n & adj. (Sp. setecientos) seven hundred. Syn. pito ka gatos
  • singko, n & adj. (Sp. cinco) five. Syn. lima
  • singkuwenta, n & adj. (Sp. cincuenta) fifty. * singkuwentay singko – fifty five. Syn. kalim-an
  • siyam, n & adj. (Sp. nueve) nine. also (see) nuybe
  • siyete, n & adj. (Sp. siete) seven. Syn. pito
  • traynta, n & adj. (Sp. treinta) thirty * trayntay tres, trayntay kuwatro – thirty three, thirty four. Syn. katloan
  • tres, n & adj. (Sp. tres) three. Syn. tulo
  • trese, n & adj. (Sp. trece) thirteen. Syn. napulog tulo
  • tresentos, n & adj. (Sp. trescientos) three hundred. Syn. tulo ka gatos
  • tulo, n & adj. (Sp. tres) three. also (see) tres
  • una, adj. (Sp. uno) first, prime
  • uno, n & adj. (Sp. uno) one. Syn. usa
  • unom, n & adj. (Sp. seis) six. also (see) sayis
  • upat, n & adj. (Sp. cuatro) four. also (see) kuwatro
  • usa, n & adj. (Sp. uno) one. also (see) uno
  • walo, n & adj. (Sp. ocho) eight. also (see) otso


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